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This is a disease that is found prevalent among the adolescent group of people. The biological term often used to describe this disease is the Acne vulgaris which is the most common disease of the skin. It is mainly caused due to the basic changes in the structure of the skin along with its associated sebaceous gland. This acne disease often occurs in both inflammatory as well as non inflammatory stages. This leaves out a lesion in the particular affected area which is often termed as the zits or blemishes or spots or pimples.

This acne prevails mostly during the adolescence where both male and female acquire puberty. As the age increases this tends to decrease but there occurs less probability to predict how soon it will take to disappear completely. The areas which are affected by acne are the face, upper neck, back, shoulders and even chest.

The acne leaves lesions on the affected areas. These lesions can either be

  • comedones,
  • pustules
  • nodules and
  • Inflammatory papules.

In case sever inflammation where the lesions are severe the term nodulocystic is used and the larger nodules were known as ‘cysts’ earlier.


The acne mainly begins if the follicles usually have any blockages. The initial stages of changes are the keratin and sebum formation along with hyperkeratinization. At the site of adrenarche there occurs increase in the production of androgen which leads to the production of sebum in large amount along with the enlargement of the sebaceous gland. The sebum often enlarges to become open or closed comedo. The white heads usually occur if the pores are filled with the dead skin cells and the sebum. If these conditions persist then the naturally occurring bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes will bring about lesions which are inflammatory around the comedo or the sebum in the dermis which will make it reddish and also makes it scarring or hyper pigmentation.




The treatment for acne usually works out in four major methods which are

  • Preventing blockage by normalizing the shedding directly into the pores.
  • manipulation of hormones
  • killing Propionibacterium acnes
  • anti-inflammatory effects


The less widely used treatments include those which use Azelaic acid, Aloe Vera, Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil), Detoxification, Comedo extraction with Pantothenic acid and Rofecoxib.

Home Remedies and Natural treatment:

  • 50 gm of raspberry with 1.5 litres of water can cure itching.
  • Yogurt mixed with oat meal and washed with lukewarm water can keep the acne away.
  • Lime juice with ground nut oil can cure pimples.
  • Applying ripe tomato paste can cure pimples.
  • Lettuce leaf water can help to cure acne.
  • Wheat grass juice drunken daily can cure acne.
  • Wash face with fenugreek in water.
  • Supplement made with morpheme neem can cure acne.
  • Ground nut oil with lime juice can help to cure acne.

Best Treatment Centre in India:
An NK medical at Bangalore is the best place for the treatment of acne which can be cured easily at the same time very quickly. The Psoriatreat Center at Pune is also a best place for treatment.

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