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This is also known as the atrophy. These allergic reactions are caused by substances present in the environment, which are often termed as the allergens. These allergic reactions are often got from another source and hence are transmitted from one source to another and are rapid. Normally there are four forms of hypersensitivity and this is one of the forms of hypersensitivity and is known as the type I. certain types of the white blood cells such as mast cells and basophiles are often activated by these reactions by antibody called as IgE which in turn may cause the high inflammations.


Many of the allergens, which are mainly pollens or dust, are airborne. The areas where the symptoms mainly occur are subjected to eyes, lungs and nose. The symptom often caused is the hay fever that may bring about itching of the nose along with redness of the eyes, sneezing and itching. If these allergens are inhaled they can bring about asthmatic problems. It may lead to coughing, production of mucus in the lungs and shortness of breath.

Apart from these reactions, they can also result from allergic reactions from food, stings from insects and also from effects of medications such as aspirin and penicillin.

These are often caused by the

  • Genetic basis
  • Hygiene Hypothesis
  • Other Environmental factors

The allergy may occur in twins who may have the same allergic reactions. If the parents have common allergy then the children are prone to have get the same allergic reactions. It is more common that the likelihood of developing the allergy is more commonly similar. The chances of getting allergy various from age to age and the children are more affected by this allergy.

Hay fever and eczema are the most common disease, which affects the children due to allergy. Industrialized countries have more chances of getting these diseases due to allergy. The much exposure to microorganisms can also cause allergy. Epidemiological is most often used in environmental hypothesis.

The usage of antibiotics can also lead to many of the allergic diseases. Antibacterial cleaning products can also lead to many of the allergic diseases. These causes may lead to two phases which are.

  • Acute phase response and
  • Late phase response


The treatment for the disease includes

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Immunotherapy and
  • Other treatments

Yet there are many other treatments that are not tested for their efficiency. 40% of the treatment for allergy involves through sublingual treatment. Usually the patient develops automatic immune response.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment:  
  • Vitamin B5 or any other nutrient can cure allergic reaction in skin.
  • Castor oil mixed with water or any fruit juice and taken daily morning can cure allergy.
  • Intake of lime and bananas can cure allergy.
  • Carrot juice along with cucumber or beet juice can help to cure allergy.

Homeopathy clinic at Ahmadabad is well equipped in treating the allergic diseases.

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