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If your memory is disturbed, you may be suffering from Amnesia. It can be called the loss of memory. It can be organic or functional as per the causes. The damage to brain is an organic cause to Amnesia. Sometimes amnesia can be spontaneous too. The inability to imagine the future is also associated with amnesia.

Amnesia is of different types. In anterograde amnesia, immediate memory is not converted to long-term memory. The retrograde amnesia is the inability to recall old memories. Sometimes both these types of amnesia can occur at the same time in one patient. It commonly results from damage to brain. A combination of these amnesias can occur in many patients. The condition can last long even after the problem. Many a times it converts from a neurological condition to a psychological condition.

Amnesia caused by a head injury often leads to post traumatic amnesia. The extent of amnesia period depends on the severity of the injury. Mild car accidents can lead to mild traumas like losing memory about the incidents just before the accident. A psychological cause can lead to dissociative amnesia. It can include a very repressed memory too. It leads to inability to recall information. It may occur due to being a witness to violent attacks or rapes.  A dissociative fugue also can occur due to temporary psychological trauma. If the events during hypnosis are forgotten, we can call it as a posthypnotic amnesia. Lacunar amnesia, childhood amnesia and transient global amnesia are some other different types of amnesias. The amnesia can also be situation specific. It even can be because of drug effects.

The treatment depends on the cause as there are various causes for amnesia. It is handled on individual symptoms and causes. A cognitive rehabilitation is a general treatment given to all amnesia patients for learning. A traumatic event sufferer may get relief by giving him plenty of love. If the cause is alcohol, the strategy can be different. An emotional support can be a good strategy there. In case of Alzheimer’s disease there are many new medications available to better cholinergic functions of the body. Other extended care options are also recommended.


If the problem is caused by emotional trauma, psychotherapy can do well. A very good consultation mixed with love, care and affection can show changes in patients. A drug called Amytal is also used for some amnesia patients who have shown good results. This helps people to recall their old memories. Hypnosis may also help in the same way. In many sex abuse incidents, patients have got their memory back using their treatments and have filed case against the alleged perpetrator. But the validity of these is still a question mark before the courts. But there are effective medications and therapy techniques now to fight with this disease. As most of these sudden memory loses arise because of a brain injury or a violent situation, the revival is really difficult. But a will power and learning ability can enhance the situation.


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