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This is a condition in which there is an emergency due to the medical problems because of the problems associated with appendix due to the inflammation. This disease is often cured by only laparoscopic methods. Appendicitis is a severe acute syndrome in which the patient becomes mortal due to increased levels of peritonis and the shock.



If there is a blockage in the abdominal lumen then there will be a situation of severe or acute appendicitis. The lumen usually becomes filled with mucus and will get swelled.  Due to the increased pressure at the walls of the tracts, there will be thrombosis and occlusion. Sometimes in rare cases, a stage of recovery can take place at this point of time.

When the walls become dead then the bacteria leaks out through the outer wall and hence there will be formation of puss around the interior walls. The severe acute forms can even lead to septicemia and hence death. Much other cause is due to the foreign bodies within the tract of the digestive system. The patients who are affected with appendicitis are more common in the developed countries than in the developing countries.

The stasis of the fecal matter can also be the cause for the appendicitis. And much another cause is due to the lower intake of fiber foods by the victims.

The symptoms of appendicitis can be categorized into two main divisions such as the

  • typical and
  • atypical

This is due to the fact of the occurrence of inflammation in the regions of infection. The added symptoms are the poor appetite and even fever and the sense of vomiting. In addition the patient will feel drowsy and fatigue along with a feel of bad health. In the typical type of the appendicitis, the surgery can be performed more easily and there is no severe infection. However the atypical is a severe stage. In this there occurs even diarrhea and loss of urine which can take place more often with less interval of time. The symptoms often vary from patient to patient depending upon the level of infection.

Initially the patient is stopped from the intake of food and drinking. The victim is administered with a hydrating facility. Then the patient is given antibiotic to stop the infection by the bacteria. In this case the use of anesthesia is included. With the help of the laparoscopic methods the appendix is often removed by the major treatment. In this the area of infection is often visualized with the help of the camera.

The surgery entirely lasts for more than 15 minutes. The operation for curing appendicitis is known as appendicectomy that involves laparoscopic methods to treat the disease. The camera is projected inside the stomach to visualize the areas of interest. Yet another treatment method is the use of spinal anesthesia. Open laparoscopy can also bring about quick solution for this operation.

The disease is very best cured and treated and modern methodologies and surgical procedures.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment:
  • Green gram can be a cure for appendicitis.
  • Cucumber juice and beet juice mixed with carrot juice can be helpful in treating appendicitis.
  • Buttermilk taken daily can cure appendicitis.
  • Fenugreek leaves must be taken mixed with tea.

Kerala ayurvedic treatment center is best for treating appendicitis.

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