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Improvement in physical structure of the body by eliminating Arthritis can be achieved by exercise of all types. The exercising of the joints where the Arthritis occurred is mostly advised. Thus it helps to keep a clean record of the health.



We are still not in a position to tell the appropriate role-played by genetics in arthritis. But it’s well understood that genetics also can cause arthritis.

Age also plays a major role in inviting arthritis. As the age goes on the cartilage becomes soft and has chances of repairing itself. So as the people become older they become more exhibited to Arthritis.

Weight is also another major factor. When the weight increases it leads to over burden to the joints resulting in arthritis. So the hips and the knees are likely to get worn out in the heavier patients then the lighter ones. 

Earlier Damage:
If damage occurs in the joints during accidents then it may spoil the smoothness around the joints. In major of such accidents the damage could get into the cartilage of the joints of t legs or hands what ever may concern.

Due to Occupation:
People working in riskier situations such as stuntmen, have the most risky situation for developing arthritis. Other such jobs include people working in jobs which concern construction and assembly line jobs.


Dangerous Sports:
Similar to genetics, its contribution to arthritis is also undetermined. But however we can be sure that sports participation can lead to dangerous forms of arthritis. It also will lead to joint problems.

Due to Illness of the Patient:
People who are undergoing infection or pain or any other disease regarding to joints can result in developing arthritis.

The signs and symptoms for arthritis are as follows:

  • Severe joint pain. The pain is more severe during arthritis.
  • The pain occurs when walking, when rising from chair, while typing or doing any writing work.
  • Inflammation which occurs due to swelling or Redding of the joints.
  • Deformation of the joints. This is the common symptom of arthritis.
  • Inability to move the hand or shake it.
  • Loss in weight.
  • Weakness of the body and power loss. You will be drained of your energy. You will not be able
  • To move the hands or legs and inability for transportation.
  • Heavy fever, which is unusual and causes suspicion.


Home Remedies and Natural Treatment:

  • Potato juice taken raw can be helpful in treating arthritis.
  • Raw juice extracted from any leafy vegetable can be helpful in treating arthritis.
  • Sesame seeds can be helpful in treating arthritis.
  • Copper and calcium are effective in treating arthritis.
  • Bananas rich in vitamin B6 is effective in treating arthritis.
  • Garlic can be helpful in treating arthritis.
  • Tea made with alfalfa leaves are used in treating arthritis.
  • Lime can be helpful to treat arthritis.
  • Castor oil is effective in treating arthritis.
  • Soup made with green gram can cure arthritis.
  • Mustard oil or coconut oil that is mixed with camphor is useful in treating arthritis.

Arthritis foundation of India is effective in the treatment of arthritis.

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