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This is a disease that is found prevalent among the adolescent group of people. The biological term often used to describe this disease is the Acne vulgaris which is the most common disease of the skin. It is mainly caused due to the basic changes in the structure of the skin along with its associated sebaceous gland. This acne disease often occurs in both inflammatory as well as non inflammatory stages. This leaves out a lesion in the particular affected area which is often termed as the zits or blemishes or spots or pimples.

This acne prevails mostly during the adolescence where both male and female acquire puberty. As the age increases this tends to decrease but there occurs less probability to predict how soon it will take to disappear completely. The areas which are affected by acne are the face, upper neck, back, shoulders and even chest.
The term cough is used to describe a repetitively occurring defense reflex that aids in clearing large breathing passages from excess secretions. Apart from secretions, irritants, foreign particles and microbes are also responsible for blocking the air passage. Reflexes associated with cough are of three phases and these include inhalation, forced exhalation that is alongside a closed glottis and thirdly there is a violent release of air from the lungs. This is followed due to the opening of the glottis and it is accompanied by a distinctive sound. Coughing can occur voluntarily or non-voluntarily.

The term dandruff has also been termed as Pityriasis capitis, which is the result of excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. There are various kinds of causes of dandruff and these include frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold. In such conditions it is very normal for skin cells to die and flake off. They leave behind a small amount of flaking, which is normal and in fact quite common and thus most people suffer from dandruff at some stage of their lives. However there are certain people who suffer from this chronically and experience an unusually large amount of flaking. Dandruff comes in two forms, which includes greasy and dry forms, depending on the condition of the scalp.

The term depression is used to describe the negative reactions to life's situations, which get repetitive along with getting intense and frequent. People have to deal with various kinds of situations, which life throws on them and these are greeted with both negative and positive emotions. These include fear, excitement, frustration, happiness, anger, sadness, joy etc. But it has been seen that people who are usually biased towards negative thoughts suffer from depression. This psychological disorder can lead to physical problems and they can occur in persons of all ages including children and adults. Often the minor stresses can stir up depression symptoms depending on the personality type.

Morning Sickness

The term morning sickness is commonly used for nausea gravidarum, nausea or even vomiting of pregnancy or emesis gravidarum and pregnancy sickness. Basically this is a condition, which can affect more than half of all pregnant women. This morning sickness also affects women who use hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy.
Sexual Impotence
The term sexual impotence has also been defined as erectile dysfunction and this is one of the most common problems, which affects most men. It has been seen that this problem affects all men at least once during their lifetime and the occurrence of erectile dysfunction varies with age. It has been seen that this ailment increases in the proportion of affected men and the largest increase is seen in men in the range of 60-69 years. Most men suffer from severe forms of erectile dysfunction, which has been largely associated to age, chronic health problems or psychological problems. It has been seen that in earlier times sexual impotence had been regarded as being caused due to psychic causes, but it has been proven that almost 90 % of all cases of erectile dysfunction have organic causes.
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