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What is Body Rash?

Body rash, also referred to as skin rash, is an irritation or inflammation on the surface of the skin. Such rashes change the texture, color, and appearance of the skin, and make the affected area dry, warm, cracked, bumpy, or blistered and swelled. They cause pain in some cases as well. Body or skin rashes not necessarily remain confined to any particular part of the body and can appear anywhere. These rashes spare none - men, women and children can all suffer from body rashes, which cause irritation, disease or an allergic reaction. If rashes appear on the skin of the back, they are called back rash.

Symptoms of Body Rash:
As body or skin rashes appear due to a variety of causes, their symptoms are also of diverse nature. In the case of body rash, the symptoms to a large extent will depend on its underlying cause. Some of the most familiar symptoms of body or skin rashes include burning, stinging or tingling sensation; redness of skin; changes in the texture of the skin; development of cracks on the skin; dry, scaly or flaky skin; feeling of pain; tiny blisters; lesions; pustules; inflammation and thick skin. It is essential to visit your doctor as soon as you recognize these symptoms to avoid further complications and prevent the spread of your condition to others if it is contagious.

Causes of Body Rash:

Body rashes can be caused by a number of factors. Rashes may appear because of allergy to dyes and chemicals in one’s clothing; the presence of chemicals in elastic, latex and rubber products; or reaction to cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and detergents, Heat rash, dermatitis, eczema or acne, psoriasis and measles can be responsible for body rashes also. Body rashes are often caused by fungal infection like ringworm. Bacterial or viral infections, especially those causing chickenpox, smallpox can lead to body rashes. Rashes may also appear if your skin comes into contact with an irritant. Among other factors that may cause body rashes are sunburn, pet dander, plants, lead poisoning, food allergy, perfumes, adverse reaction to vaccination, stress, anxiety and pregnancy. 

Treatment of Body Rashes:
Although the identified cause of your body rashes will determine the exact treatment you would need, doctors broadly advice affected to follow these simple instructions.

Home Remedies:
You should bath, shower and wash with just warm and not hot water, so that your skin is not dried out or shocked. Dry especially the affected part of your skin in a gentle way. If you rub it roughly, there will be further irritation. If you have succeeded in identifying the substance that is responsible for the rash, just avoid it. Never bath or shower for a long time as prolonged contact with water will cause further irritation to the skin. After washing, try to moisturize the affected area several times a day using a perfume-free, oil-free moisturizer.

Use a humidifier at home to re-moisturize the skin and start using mild, perfume-free soaps. Never scrub your skin when there is a rash breakout or expose the affected part to direct sunlight. There are also several types of home remedies for body rashes like applying olive oil or baking powder to the affected area. 

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