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What is Cirrhosis of Lever?

When a person has cirrhosis, his/her liver gradually begins to deteriorate and malfunctions because of chronic damage. In such a condition, healthy liver tissue gets replaced by scar tissue, which partially blocks the flow of blood through the liver. In addition, scarring adversely affects the capability of the liver to fight infections, get rid of bacteria and toxins from the blood, process hormones, drugs and nutrients. The liver also fails to make proteins that regulate blood clotting and produce bile that helps absorb fats, which includes cholesterol, and fat-soluble vitamins. Unlike a healthy liver, a cirrhosis-affected liver cannot replace its damaged cells. Men are more affected by cirrhosis than women.

Symptoms of Cirrhosis of Liver:
In early stages, cirrhosis may not show any symptoms in many cases. But symptoms begin to appear as the disease begins to progress. As cirrhosis gradually reaches an advanced stage, the affected person may feel fatigue or weakness. There is often a loss of appetite and a feeling of vomiting and nausea. Some other symptoms include itching, pain in the abdomen and bloating because of accumulation of fluid in that region. Some people may begin to lose weight and blood vessels looking like spiders may appear on the skin.

Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver:
Cirrhosis can be caused by a number of factors. However, the most common causes of this disease are excessive alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis C. Obesity has also been found to be responsible for cirrhosis, either alone or when combined with alcohol, hepatitis C, or both. In several cases, people suffering from cirrhosis had their liver damaged because of multiple reasons. Short-term causes of damage do not lead to this condition; it takes prolonged chronic damage for cirrhosis to set in.

Occasional consumption of alcohol at moderate level often spares the liver, but heavy drinking for years on end cause chronic damage to the liver. Women run the risk of cirrhosis if they have two to three drinks, including beer and wine, on a daily basis. For men, a daily dose of three to four drinks can cause liver damage and cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis C leads to inflammation and liver damage that may result in cirrhosis. Among other things that may cause cirrhosis is chronic hepatitis B and D, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), autoimmune hepatitis, inherited diseases, diseases that affect bile ducts, toxins, drugs and infections.

Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver:
Treatment for cirrhosis is determined by the cause of the disease and whether complications exist. The objectives of treatment are to decelerate the progression of scar tissue in the liver and prevent or treat the complications of cirrhosis. If a patient has cirrhosis with complications, hospitalization is the best option.

Home Remedies:
Eating a nutritious diet is essential as malnutrition is found in most cirrhosis victims. One should choose the diet by consulting a doctor. Drinking alcohol or any other illicit substances is a big no-no as it could damage the liver even more. Consult a doctor before using vitamins and medications as they can affect liver function. Addressing specific complications does treatment for cirrhosis. Doctors may make different recommendations for different complications such as edema, ascites, portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy etc. A liver transplant becomes an option only when complications cannot be controlled by treatment. It is a major operation in which the damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy one from an organ donor.

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