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What is meant by Dark Underarms?

When we talk of dark underarms, we mean the darkening of the skin under the arms or the armpits. In such a condition, the skin in the underarms looks darker as compared to the other parts of the body. Having dark underarms or armpits can be awkward and embarrassing for women in particular which does not allow them to wear sleeveless clothes. Dark underarms are not a cause of real concern for people with a dark complexion, but they become more prominent and visible in people with a fair skin.

Symptoms of Dark Underarms:
Symptoms of dark underarms are quite visible in the darkening of skin at armpits. Itching, sweating and foul odor are also some other symptoms of this embarrassing problem.

Causes of Dark Underarms:
Several factors can cause dark underarms in a person. Excessive sweating and lack of cleanliness in living are two primary causes of dark underarms. Sometimes, it occurs because of the friction caused by tight blouses and tops. Infections may occur if one does not wash his/her underarms properly on a regular basis which, in turn, may lead to dark underarms. Accumulation of dead skin cells can also lead to this problem. It has been observed that deodorants containing alcohol or shaving products too cause dark underarms in some people. Shaving to remove hair from armpits is another likely cause, and it holds mostly for Indian women whose hairs are usually black. Reckless use of hair removal creams cam lead to the same problem because of the presence of several strong chemicals in them. 


Treatment for Dark Underarms:
Natural and Ayurvedic:
There are a number of natural methods to treat the problem of dark underarms. Lemon can play a key role in managing this problem. It has been seen to be highly effective if you rub a piece of lemon on the armpits. Another item that can help someone with dark underarms is baking soda. If one applies some baking soda on to the armpits after taking bath, it reduces the darkening to a significant extent. Many people have applied Vitamin E oil on the armpits and got excellent results. Even an easily available item like coconut oil, if applied on underarms, can help remove the darkness from the region. Since potato acts as an active bleaching agent, you can apply potato juice on the underarms and wait for sometime. You will soon find there is a noticeable reduction in the darkness of the armpits.

Home Remedies:
There are even more natural ways to tackle the problem of dark underarms. For example, you can prepare a paste of 1 tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp of cucumber juice and a bit of turmeric powder and apply it on your armpits. You can see the result for yourself when you wash it off after about half an hour. Another paste of 1 tsp of gram flour, 1 tsp of curd and a pinch of turmeric can be applied on the armpits and rinsed after getting it dried using cold water. This also produces good results. Or, mix some sandalwood powder and a few drops of rose water to make a paste and apply it onto your underarms.

While these are remedies that can be tried at home, people having dark underarms can also consult qualified dermatologists or beauticians for advice.

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