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What is Defective Vision?

In simple terms, defective vision is the inability to see things clearly, both from long and close distances. While the inability to see objects at long distances is called short sightedness or myopia, long sightedness is the term used when a person cannot see even close objects. Night blindness and color blindness are also types of defective vision. The former refers to the inability to see objects clearly at night, while the latter means the inability to distinguish colors. Defective vision occurs when the visual images become focused in front of a person’s retina due to defects in the refractive media of the eye or because of abnormal length of his/her eyeball.

Symptoms of Defective Vision:
There are several symptoms that might indicate that all is not well with your vision. Some familiar and easily recognizable symptoms of defective vision include headache, eye pain, red eyes, watering eyes, discharge from eyes, black spots etc. If you feel itchiness or heaviness in your eyes, be careful as they might be forerunners of defective vision. Among other symptoms of defective vision are the presence of floaters, especially if they are large-sized and many in numbers, and sudden appearances of flashes in one’s vision. It is time to take care when one finds it difficult to read the writings on the blackboard at school, or when TV watching causes some discomfort. 

Causes of Defective Vision:

There are a number of factors that cause defective vision in a person. Bad eating habits, particularly when the diet lacks adequate amounts of proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and other such nutrients, often cause defective vision. Another important cause of defective vision is excessive mental or physical strain on one’s eyes. If you read in either dim light or too glaring light, you harm your vision in both instances. It is wise to avoid reading in moving vehicles because it could lead to defective vision. If blood and nerve supply is not proper, chances of having defective vision increase greatly. Another common cause of defective vision is excessive TV watching, too much reading, or spending long hours at a stretch in front of computers. 


Treatment for Defective Vision:
As vision is of paramount importance in our life, we should take care of our eyes either to prevent or to treat defective vision. A right blend of allopathic treatment and naturopathy can help greatly in this regard. Try to keep the book at below-chin level while reading.

Home Remedies:
While watching TV, stay as far from the screen as possible, sit comfortably raising your chin a bit and keeping eyelids down. Let there be no significant contrast between the TV screen and the lighting in your room. Have a diet rich in proteins vitamin A. Sit facing the sun with eyes closed when it is not too strong. Then wash your eyes with cold water.


  • Use rose water and lime juice mixture as eye drops.
  • Eat walnuts daily.
  • Use 4 grams of alum powder and 30 grams of rose water mixture as eye drop.
  • Have massage with mustard oil.

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