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What is Depression?

The term depression is used to describe the negative reactions to life's situations, which get repetitive along with getting intense and frequent. People have to deal with various kinds of situations, which life throws on them and these are greeted with both negative and positive emotions. These include fear, excitement, frustration, happiness, anger, sadness, joy etc. But it has been seen that people who are usually biased towards negative thoughts suffer from depression. This psychological disorder can lead to physical problems and they can occur in persons of all ages including children and adults. Often the minor stresses can stir up depression symptoms depending on the personality type.

Symptoms of Depression:
Symptoms of depression include intense sadness along with lack of interest in pleasure and normal activities. These are accompanied by sleep disturbances or oversleeping, alterations in appetite and decreased energy level. Most of the people suffering from these symptoms feel helpless and thoughts of suicide are also caused due to stress induced depression. Usually people suffering from depression feel low even when they are given a lot of advice by friends and relatives and stop being happy. The persistence of feelings of lethargy, low energy and drastic mood swings indicate that the person may be suffering from clinical depression. Such people may also get suicidal, if there problem is not treated on time.

Types of Depression:
There are various kinds of depressions from which a person can suffer and these include major depressive disorders or clinical depression. The other forms of depression include Atypical depression, Melancholic depression and Psychotic depression. Usually the physiological constitution of the person decides the tendency towards depression and these are the results of brain and various neurotransmitters activities which communicate with each other.


Causes of Depression:
There are different causes of depression and these include factors like Biological factors, Psychological factors and even Social factors. The biological causes of depression include neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers and they play critical role in the transmission of nerve impulses in our brain and nerves. These also include genetic factors, which are physical and mental features including the genes in the cells. Then there are hormonal imbalances in the body, which are leading to depression of various kinds, especially in women. Often menopause and the menstrual cycles have been associated with depression and these lead to symptoms related to the same.

Treatments for Depression:
Natural and Ayurvedic:

The treatments for depression include both psychological and physical factors and hence medicines and therapy are often used together for treating these problems. There are various kinds medicines are available suitable to different patients and they are known as Anti Depressants, which include adequate dosage and duration of the treatments.

Home Remedies:

  • Drink boiling water with rose petals and licorice tea.
  • Drink Nutmeg powder in fresh amla juice.
  • Eat apple with milk and honey.
  • Have root of asparagus
  • Drink cardamom powder tea twice daily.

Some hospitals for treating depression include NIMHANS, Bangalore and Punjab mental Hospital, Amritsar.
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