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Facts about Gaining Weight:
It has been seen that in spite of eating more than the require portions of food, many people are not able to gain weight. There are various factors that contribute to this and hence for gaining weight you need to understand these factors. It has been seen that some people gain weight very easily if they overeat or have a sedate lifestyle. But there are some people who are genetically thin and their hormones and metabolic rates contribute towards their leaner bodies. It should be remembered that being lean and trying to gain weight are different aspects of life but you should focus on gaining healthy weight instead of remaining skinny or anorexic.

Causes for Gaining Weight:
There are various reasons for which people want to gain weight but you should understand the underlying problem, which is stopping you from gaining weight. For this you should consider factors like hyperthyroidism or other thyroid deficiencies that may be stopping you from gaining weight. Apart from this you should also consider factors like your anemia level or your physical fitness and these can be easily evaluated through a series of tests. Once the doctor analyses these results you would be able to understand why you are not able to gain weight.

Symptoms of not Waining Weight:
If you are eating a healthy and balanced meal, but in spite of eating a lot of healthy foods, you are not able to gain weight, then you are suffering from some kind of a problem. But no matter what the reason is, there are some solutions which can help you to gain weight. Being too skinny and being underweight are different things and there are people who are thin but are not underweight. Being underweight depicts malnutrition or threat of some disease, which prevents you from gaining weight.


Different Methods of Gaining Weight:

One of the best methods for gaining weight includes building muscle mass and for this it is essential to follow a regular routine of weight lifting and strength training. This can help the muscles can grow faster and improve the overall health of the body. Also, you should focus on a healthy diet along with the performance of these exercises because the diet of a person is one of the most important factors in this aspect. There are certain cautions that should be taken because while performing these exercises and these include exercising muscle groups on alternate days. Remember that if you are continuously exercising the same muscle groups then your muscles can suffer from injuries, which could be serious ones.

Home Remedies:

  • Take banana milk shake.
  • Have banana thrice daily.
  • Take muskmelon.
  • Have fruits with milk.
  • Have glass of milk with honey.
  • Have raisins, fatty foods and mangoes.
  • Have 100-150 grams of bran with fruits such as papaya.
  • Pomegranate seed powder, white muesli powder and Indian ginseng root powder mixture should be taken.
  • Over night immersed 3-4 figs in water should be taken twice daily.

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