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Gout is found as a result of overload of uric acid in the victim's body. This type of overload of the uric acid can lead to the formation of small crystals of urate which will deposit in the various tissues found in the body, and most specifically the joints. When these crystals form in the joint areas it also creates damage of the joint. Inflammation may occur. This gout can also lead to the deposition of a large hard lump of the excess uric acid in the infected joints and this will result in the destruction of the joint areas and various other problems.

Gout is also one of the most recorded medical illnesses found all over the world. It is also caused due to inheritance of the abnormality to process the uric acid. Uric acid is the product of purines that are present in most of our food. The abnormality in the production of uric acid can even because the attack of arthritis, kidney stones etc.  This may lead to kidney failure. The term gout refers to the disease which is caused due to an increase in uric acid of the body, which may result in arthritic attacks and at the same time for deposition of large lumps of uric acid crystals in the tissues.

The small joint at the big toe is mostly the common spot for the gout attack of the arthritis. An attack of gouty arthritis at the same base of the big toe is referred to as the "podagra". Other joints similar to the big toe are the ankles, knees, etc.
An attack of the gout is mostly characterized by the rapid, intense pain in the affected joint area, mentioned above and is followed by warm, swelling, Redding and tenderness of the area. This tenderness can be so intense that even a clothing material touching the skin over the affected area can be unbearable. Mostly patients will develop fever when attacked by gout. These painful attacks will usually reduce in hours or days, even with or without medication. In rare cases, the attack might last for weeks. Most of the patients with gout attack will experience repeated, heavy attacks of arthritis over these years.


Natural and Ayurvedic:

There are two important points to be considered while treating gout. First, it is dangerous to stop the acute inflammation in the joints which are affected by gout. And the second is that, it is important to try to eliminate the gout at a long term in order to make sure that it doesn’t repeat and to shrink gouty crystal deposits.

Home Remedies:
It is important to make measures and medication to reduce that inflammation. Even if we can prevent the future attacks of gout is equal to curing it. Prevention of the gout attack means maintaining good static of fluid intake, reduction in weight and changes in diet and reducing the alcohol intake and the amount of uric acid in the body. Alcohol has the diuretic effects that can, make the person who intake it, get dehydrated and form the precipitate of the gout attacks.

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It is mostly the result of intake of alcohol. It has the following symptoms:

  • Dehydration
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Excess body temperature
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

Most of the people will be associated with the disgusting thought, smell, and taste of alcohol. Each person may vary in each symptom and in each occasion. This hangover will take place after several hours after the drinks. It may also result in Hospitalizing. This may cause the fluid in the brain to reduce due to dehydration. This can be reduced by intake of water. The effect of alcohol in the stomach can result in nausea.

A factor which causes hangover is the product formed by the breakdown of the ethanol by the enzymes of the liver. Thus the ethanol is converted acetaldehyde then converted to acetic acid. Acetaldehyde’s toxic level is 30-35 times more than alcohol itself. As these reactions take place there is need for the conversion of nad+ to NADH. These reactions all together waste the life of the liver. Thus the glucose supply to various parts, including brain is reduced and thus causing hangover and less concentration.

The usage of alcohol will result in the energy depletion of the liver which results in increase in quantity of the acetaldehyde. Not only has this but alcohol itself increased the toxin level in the body. The most important effect of alcoholism is the light and sound sensitivity.

The use of red wines causes maximum damage than the use of white wine. The is no hangover caused after drinking white wine but after the intake of red wine, it causes serious reactions in the stomach leading to, not only the hangover but also to various other ill effects like depression, nausea etc. Even after only a single glass is taken.

Natural Home Made Remedies:

  • Good food and correct consumption of water:
  • Simple intake of foods like eggs, which has more cysteine, and the consumption of water is enough to retain the lost wetness and moisture and can  help to dehydrate the patient's body and hence reducing the effect of the hangover.
  • Other liquids: Intake of milk, juices like orange juice etc.
  • The Calcium and vitamin C can reduce hangover.
  • Dehydrating effect: Effective procedures like dehydration, and intake of vitamin B6.
  • Use of sodium bicarbonate: A spoon of baking soda taken in a glass of water can help with nausea, and also the shakes which also appear with hangover.
  • Daily exercise: Doing exercise can help to increase the oxygen supply.
  • Needed oxygen: It was found that the possible side-effects of normal anesthesia can be reduced by giving patients a mixture of 70% of oxygen and 30% of nitrogen at the time of the surgery, and after 2 hours.

Use of Chlormethiazole: Chlormethiazole can lower the blood pressure and the output of adrenaline and, and to help during bad physical effects, but this didn’t reduce the drowsiness. Patients with serious hangover are always benefited the use of chlormethiazole than the patients with a mild hangover, but it is not useful for people of small age.

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