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The loss of hair is disease which can also be known as baldness and is prevalent among old aged people. However it can also be seen in many young.


  • High and severe fever with infection.
  • It also includes many major treatment which re to be followed.
  • It is also associated with stress and hair fall.
  • These types of symptoms may seem to change by it but there is need for treatment before the situation could get serious.
  • There is also the formation of definite patterns on the scalp due to unknowing pulling of the hair. This is a basic symptom of hair loss. It is found in many patients.


  • The appearance of thyroid disease, which include over activeness and under activeness can lead to the disease. But this can be treated well at early stages.
  • Use of less amount of protein in your diet. If the person is traditional or sentimental and appear for a diet by excluding protein in his eatables could result n hair loss. As the proteins get deficient then the proteins in the hair are transferred and the hair moves on to the stationary stage and so the hair comes off when pulled, right through the root of the hair. But this state can be reversed by intake of appropriate amount of protein.

  • Intake of medicines can also cause this disease. The prescription drugs also may cause the hair fall. These medications include blood thinners or medication involved for treatment of arthritis, acne and other such diseases.
  • Drugs used for repairing of cancer. The treatment of cancer by the chemotherapy method can cause the hair division stop. This also causes the scalp to thin. This process starts after a week or two after the chemotherapy is done. The hair loss is persistent and the patient may lose all of his/her hair but the hair may re-grow.
  • Use of the birth-control drugs- causes restriction of the hair growth. Thus it enhances the hair lose.

  • Low iron intake: Deficiency of iron in the food items can cause the hair loss. Like the protein deficiency, the iron deficiency too can be reversed by intake of iron.


Home Remedies and Natural Treatment: 
  • Amla oil made with coconut oil mixed with gooseberry is effective in treating hair loss.
  • Lettuce can be taken to prevent loss of hair.
  • Amaranth can be used to treat loss of hair.
  • Alfalfa juice along with carrot and lettuce juice can be used to treat loss of hair.
  • Margosa leaves can be used to treat hair loss.
  • Mustard oil and henna leaves can be used to cure loss of hair.
  • Liquorice paste made with milk and saffron is effective in treating loss of hair.
  • Lime pepper seeds can be taken daily to avoid baldness.
  • Applying coconut milk all over the scalp can be used to treat hair loss.
  • Paste made with pigeon pea can be applies over the hair loss area.
  • Onion can be used to treat hair loss.

Kerala Ayurvedic Center at Hydrabad is best center for treating hair loss.

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