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What is Heart Palpitation?

When a person is said to have heart palpitation, he/she experiences sensations that are like pounding or racing. It often appears as if one’s heart has skipped or stopped beats. A person can feel palpitations in his/her chest, throat, or neck. Heart palpitations are also called by a number of names such as heartbeat sensations, irregular heartbeat, tachycardia, racing heart and rapid heart rate. If a person experiences heart palpitations, it is wise for him/her to consult a doctor to ensure it is not the result of some serious health condition.

Symptoms of Heart Palpitation:
There are certain symptoms of heart palpitations which call for immediate medical intervention. A doctor should be consulted without any delay if a person faints and loses consciousness. Other symptoms of heart palpitations include breathing problem, chest pain, abnormal level of perspiration, dizziness, and lightheadedness.  If you have extra heartbeats on a frequent basis, you should inform your doctor. High amount of cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, new or different heart palpitations, pulse beats exceeding 100 per minute when not exercising – all these may be precursors to heart palpitations. 

Causes of Heart Palpitation:
Heart palpitation may be caused by a variety of factors. The most common causes of heart palpitation include stress, anxiety, physical exercise, heart disease, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, hyperventilation, diet pills, anemia, overactive thyroid, low oxygen levels in blood, certain types of medications, excessive intake of alcohol and Mitral valve prolapse, which is an anatomical condition that could cause a distinctive murmur in the heart such as an abnormal sounding heartbeat. Heart palpitation is more likely to occur in those people who already have heart disease when the palpitations begin, or who have an abnormal heart valve or who suffer from an electrolyte disorder like a low potassium level.


Prevention and Treatment of Heart Natural Palpitation:
It has, however, been observed that chances of heart palpitation are reduced if a person is relatively free of stress and anxiety. Appropriate breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques can help in preventing heart palpitation. One may also take a yoga class or do some tai chi on a regular basis as part of preventive measures.

Home Remedies:
Whenever you have heart palpitations for the first time, inform your doctor. Try to keep a record of when they occur, how long they last, etc. These pieces of information will help your doctor decide how to deal with your problem. Your doctor will certainly ask for your medical history. A few tests can help identify relatively harmless palpitations from the more serious types. Although it is not possible most of the time, the best way to assess a heart palpitation is to have it happen when you're taking an electrocardiogram.

Portable monitors are now available that can record your heart rhythm at home over a period of time, generally between 24 and 48 hours. However, it is wise to always keep in touch with your doctor whenever you experience heart palpitations.  

Use snake guard leaves or guava or grapes or honey or Indian spikenard to avoid heart palpitation. A mixture of dry coriander, aniseed and jaggary can be applied.

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