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High Blood Pressure can be more correctly said as the increase in pressure of the arteries.

Arteries are the blood carrying blood vessels which run through out the body. The pressure of the blood which is carried by the blood vessels increases rapidly causing damage to the vessels. The blood pressure can be said as normal if it ranges at a pressure below 120/80. If the blood pressure ranges from 120 to 139/89 then they are called as pre-hyper tension and if it ranges at a pressure above 140/90 then it is high blood pressure.

There are two types of high blood pressure. They are primary and secondary hypertension. The primary hypertension is the most frequent of the high blood pressure and adds up to 97% of the high blood pressure where as the secondary hypertension effects up to only a 3% of the high blood pressure. In the primary hypertension, collectively large number of causes get together to form it. But, in secondary hypertension the causes are the abnormality or the dysfunction of a part of the organ system.

The prime cause or the ultimate cause of the primary hypertension is not known yet even though it affects most of the Americans. Some sources have found that the primary hypertension is caused in places where the people are high in takers of salt. They take more than 6 grams of salt per day.

The blood pressure is also caused due to genetic reasons also. But here to, the genes which causes the hypertension is unknown. It is said that a separate gene named renin angiotensin aldosterone, which takes care of the salt balance, is found less in number or more in number. Hence causes the high blood pressure.

These high blood pressure can be also termed as "silent killer" as it occurs silently. Its presence is unknowing and it affects the patient's body silently. Hence the symptoms are not shown out. So it may show the symptoms only after it reaches the most serious conditions like the heart attack o strokes. Thus the hypertension goes on for decades unknown and at last results in drastic conditions. Therefore it is essential that the blood checkup is done frequently.


We can get some of the mild symptoms such as headache, dizziness, unclear vision, etc.  These can provide you the necessary time to take precautions like asking blood check-up. But studies show that most of the people get to the doctor only after the major damage is caused to their body, like the heart attack, or blindness etc.,. Therefore public awareness must be created in order to make the people to take frequent checkups.


Home remedies:
It is necessary that you take steps in order to maintain the correctness of your blood pressure. The ultimate aim of the treatment is to lower the blood pressure of the patient to a range of 140/90. It can be brought lower for conditions like diabetes or any other kidney disease. The major ideas represented by the doctors are the change in the lifestyle of the patient to adapt his blood pressure. But only the lifestyle modifications are not sufficient for maintaining good blood pressure, the use of medications is also a must.
Natural and ayurvedic:

The following can be maintained:

  • Good food
  • Correct weight
  • Exercise and physical fitness
  • Reducing or eradicating the alcoholism
  • Reducing smoking habits
  • Medications etc.

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