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The term insomnia has been used to define the symptom of a sleeping disorder. This disorder is characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or trying to get sound sleep in spite of having the opportunity. Insomnia is a symptom but it cannot be stated as a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. Basically the term insomnia means difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or even both. There are various reasons or causes of insomnia and this is usually due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. Insomnia is also followed by functional impairment while awake and there are many patients who complain that they are unable to close their eyes and rest their eyes for more than a few minutes.

Different types of Insomnia and their Symptoms:
There are three main types of insomnia and these include transient insomnia, which lasts from days to weeks. This is usually caused by another disorder or due to the changes in the sleep environment or the timing of sleep. It may also be caused due to severe depression or due to stress and results in sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance due to sleep deprivation.

The acute insomnia can be defined as the inability to consistently sleep well and exists for a period of between three weeks to six months. The chronic insomnia usually lasts for years at a time and this is caused by other disorders or it can also be the primary disorder. Basically this form of insomnia leads to sleepiness, muscular fatigue, hallucinations and even double vision.

Causes of Insomnia:
It has been seen that many kinds of psychoactive drugs or stimulants like herbs, medications, caffeine, cocaine, ephedrine, amphetamines, methylphenidate, MDMA, methamphetamine are the causes of insomnia. There are many fluoroquinolone antibiotic drugs, which have been associated with the causes of insomnia. Insomnia can also be caused due to hormone shifts that precede menstruation and those during menopause. The mental problems like stress, fear, anxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress and unsatisfactory sex life. There are mental disorders like clinical depression, bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and even obsessive compulsive disorder that lead to insomnia. There are many instances where insomnia is caused by another disease or as a result of side effects from medications or a psychological problem.

Treatment for Insomnia:
Before treating insomnia it is vital to identify or rule out medical and psychological aspects, before deciding on the treatment for the insomnia. The attention to sleep hygiene is vital and treatment strategy should be tried before any pharmacological approach is considered. The treatment of insomnia would require equal contribution from the patient’s side, especially if the cause of the disease is psychological and the treatment should not be discontinued till the disease is eliminated completely. However use of sleeping pills without consultation from the doctor is not advised.

Home Remedies:

Calamus and the by products of calamus can be used to treat insomniaSome of the best places to treat the diseases are at the clinic of a psychologist or psychiatrist and the treatments can be availed at Apollo hospitals.

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