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What are Intestinal Worms?
The term intestinal worms have been used to define the parasites, which infect human beings as well as animals like cats and dogs. Basically these intestinal worms can lead to added problems and many other symptoms that are troublesome and these could also lead to severe complications. It has been seen that these worms have the ability to hatch and multiply again and again, especially if there is dirt and filth in the area. It has been seen that these worms are a very common occurrence and occur mostly in the tropic countries. These worms mostly affect children, but they can affect the adults too. These intestinal worms or parasites feed on nutritious bowel content as well as the blood of its host.

It has been seen that these parasites generally enter in the body through food and water; transmitting agents like the mosquito, sexual contact or even through the nose and skin. Most of the humans continue to suffer from this problem because of the presence of intestinal worms that are transmitted through different ways. Some of the most common parasites found in human intestines include pinworms, round worms, bookworms, and whip worms, thread worms, Giardia, hookworms and even tapeworms.

Symptoms of the Intestinal Worms:
There are various kinds of worms that may survive in the intestine and it has been seen that these worms or intestinal parasites may not cause any symptoms in some people. However in some people these symptoms may come and go and the greater the number of worms involved, the worse are the symptoms of the disease. Some of the most common symptoms of these intestinal worms include a voracious appetite, worms in the stool, loss of appetite, fever, coughing up of worms, vomiting, foul breath, dark circles under the eyes, anemia or a pale face, headaches, bloating, abdominal cramps, itching, intestinal blockage, nausea and various other related symptoms. Some of the more serious symptoms of the presence of intestinal worms in the stomach include loss of weight, skin itching and stools with blood.

Diagnosis of Intestinal Worms and their causes:
The intestinal parasite infection may cause the above symptoms, but there are various other factors that may cause these symptoms too. Hence laboratory tests are necessary to determine their causes. These causes include visiting a tropic country, eating contaminated food, poor eating habits and hygiene and even AIDS.


The treatments for Intestinal Worms:
Home Remedies And Natural Treatment:  

  • The herbal treatment for these worms includes consumption of 250 gm's of krimighan rasa with juice of moosa-karnior or nagannotha kwath thrice a day.
  • Use of coconut can cure intestinal worms.
  • Carrot and garlic can be used to remove intestinal worms.
  • Enzymes produced by papaya are used in eliminating round worms.
  • Root and stem of pomegranate tree can be used to destroy intestinal worms.
  • Pumpkin seeds are best used to remove worms in intestine.

Some of the best treatments for these infections can be availed at the Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai, but there is no requirement for hospitalization in most of the cases.

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