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Itching is a feeling of irritation of the skin and causes the intention to scratch. This is a common problem for most of the people and it occurs in specific areas or may occur and whole length of the skin. The medical term used for itching is "pruritus". If the itching is passed on to whole body then it is difficult to be treated.

You will get an idea of what may be causing itching once you have identified the location of the itching. The common causes of itching can help you get it right.

  • Contact with irritants like chemicals or poison plants
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Food or medication allergies
  • Dry skin
  • Common cold
  • Pregnancy
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Parasites
  • Insect bites and stings

Rashes and Patterns on Skin:
The itching usually affects specific areas and is accompanied by signs, like redding, irritated skin and blisters. Many skin conditions cause itchy skin, like inflammation of the skin, scabies, and lice.
Sometimes the substance used by us itself can cause a reaction. The substances include:

  • poison of Wool
  • Chemicals
  • Creams etc. 
  • And even the allergic food items which can irritate the skin and cause itching.


Symptoms of Itching include:

  • Bumps - Appearance of little swellings on the skin.
  • Dry, cracked skin - Formation of definite pattern and dryness of the skin.
  • Leathery or scaly texture of the skin - The affected area show signs of leathery feeling and different textures
  • Feeling to scratch all the time. This feeling is caused due to itching.
  • The skin reddens due to frequent scratching
  • The skin becomes scrappy as it is scratched frequently
  • The skin may become thick and rough.
  • Appearance of red spots through out the skin
  • Appearance of blisters is a characteristic symptom of itchiness.

If it’s a dry hand, then, apply a layer of petroleum jelly, and put on a very thin cotton gloves before going to bed. The same technique can observed for dry legs too.

Natural Home Remedies:
If it’s a dry and brittle nails then, use creams (prescribed) on the irritating nails. You must not scratch, which can possibly damage the skin. If it continues itching then,

  • Keep the region of the itching well moisturized and wet, because the dry skin can make it worse. 
  • Take an oatmeal bath. This will help to relieve itching.
  • A nonprescription 1% hydrocortisone cream will help.
  • Use less cream on the regions like face and genitals.
  • If the itching is severe and uncontrollable, then your doctor may prescribe you a stronger cream.
  • A nonprescription oral antihistamine.
  • Cut the nails short as it would hurt the skin when scratching or even you can wear gloves at night time in order to prevent yourself from scratching.
  • Try to wear cotton or silk dresses. And try to avoid the use of wool and and such next to the skin.

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