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What is Jaundice?
The term jaundice is used to define a sign or symptom that occurs due to many different diseases. Hence jaundice is not a disease but is the yellowish staining of the skin and sclerae or the whites of the eyes. High levels in blood of the chemical bilirubin cause this due. When jaundice occurs the color of the skin and sclerae vary and this depends on the level of bilirubin. It has been seen that if the bilirubin level is mildly elevated then it turns yellowish and often turns brown when the bilirubin level is high.

Symptoms of Jaundice:
Basically jaundice can turn the skin and sclerae yellow along with changes in the color of the stool, which can become light in color. The stool may also become clay-colored in color due to the absence of bilirubin, which normally gives stool its brown color. Also the color of the urine may turn dark or brownish and occurs when the bilirubin is building up in the blood. This leads to excretion of the bilirubin from the body in the urine. Jaundice or cholestasis is also accompanied by a lot of itching, which is medically known as pruritus.

What causes Jaundice?
The Bilirubin is derived from red blood cells but when the red blood cells get old, they are destroyed. Hence the hemoglobin, which is the iron-containing chemical in red blood cells and carries oxygen, is released from these red blood cells. But this happens only after the iron that it contains is removed and the chemical that remains in the blood after the iron is removed turn into bilirubin. Our liver has many functions but to produce and secrete bile into the intestines for helping the digestion process is the most important function. The removal of toxic chemicals or waste products from the blood, and formation of the bilirubin is also a vital function. It has been seen that jaundice occurs where there is too much bilirubin being produced for the liver and it cannot remove the same from the blood. It can also occur as a defect in the liver and this may stop the bilirubin from being removed from the blood getting secreted to bile. The blockage of the bile ducts, which help to reduce the flow of bile and bilirubin from the liver into the intestines, is also a cause of jaundice.


Treatments for Jaundice:
Home Remedies And Natural Treatment:

  • You can also have a lot of coconut water and sugarcane juice at home to enhance the healing process.
  • Bitter luffa leaf is effective in treating jaundice.
  • Radish leaves and snake guard leaves are also best suited to cure jaundice.
  • Tomatoes, dried dates, lemon, cardamom, almonds and sugar cane juice can cure jaundice.

ence you should ensure that you get medical help for the treatment of jaundice that can be easily availed at hospitals like Apollo, Lilavati, Tata Memorial, AIIMS and other such hospitals.

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