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What are Leg Cramps?
The term leg cramps have been used to define the pain that comes from a leg muscle and is caused due to a muscle spasm. This occurs when a muscle contracts too hard and these cramps usually take place in a calf muscle, which is below and behind a knee. There are also times when the small muscles of the feet are affected by these cramps. It has been seen that these cramp pain typically lasts a few minutes and there are some cases where it lasts just seconds. However the duration for the camp may increase and it can last up to 10 minutes. Also the severity of the pain varies and there are some people who experience tender muscles for up to 24 hours after a leg cramp. It has been seen that these leg cramps usually occur when you are resting and usually occurs at night when in bed.

Most of the times, all people get some sort of leg cramps but usually people over the age of 60 get these cramps. The most common symptoms of these leg cramps are pain in the muscles and the inability of the person to move that part of the leg. This is accompanied by difficulty in movements and standing or walking.

The causes of Leg Cramps:
There are two main causes of leg cramps and these include the unknown causes and the others are the secondary causes. The unknown causes include if a muscle, which is already in a shortened position, is enthused to contract. Since this is an already shortened muscle further contraction may cause the muscle to go into spasm. Usually this happens at night when the person is sleeping with knees slightly flexed. The secondary causes of these pains include other ailments and diseases. Some of these include drugs or medicines that lead to these problems, over-exertion of muscles, dehydration and pregnancy. The other causes of this may also be imbalance of salts in the blood stream and untreated under-active thyroid gland.


The treatments for Leg Cramps:
Home Remedies And Natural Treatment:

  • Foods rich in potassium and calcium are to be consumed in large quantity.
  • Stretching and massaging can be helpful in the treatment.

Treatments can be availed at hospitals like Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre and Vinayak hospital in Noida.

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