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What is Lethargy and what are its symptoms?
The term lethargy has been used to define fatigue, exhaustion, languidness, languor, lassitude, and listlessness, which are all conditions caused by weariness. Lethargy can describe a range of afflictions and this range from general state of lethargy to a specific burning sensation within the muscles, which can be induced due to work stress. Lethargy can be both physical and mental and it has been seen that physical lethargy is the inability of the body to continue functioning at the level of one's normal abilities. The mental lethargy manifests in somnolence and can lead to both physical and mental side effects for the person. Lethargy has been considered as a symptom of a medical disease instead of medical disease itself as the patient instead of being observed by others reports it.

Different types of Lethargy:
Basically there are two kinds of lethargy and these are the mental and physical forms of lethargy. It has been seen that physical lethargy is the weakness in the muscles along with lack of strength. The term has been used to define the inability to exert force in one's muscles, which is given by general physical fitness. Lethargy can be caused as a side effect of certain ailments or illnesses or even medicines in a lot of cases.

The mental lethargy can be defined as the tiredness of the mind that can manifest itself both as decreased wakefulness or a general decrease of attention. But it should be remembered that lethargy is not always leading to sleepiness and can be described as decreased level of consciousness. This mental lethargy also leads to various kinds of physical symptoms and thus causes similar side effects.

Causes of Lethargy:
Lethargy is usually the result of excess working, mental stress, over stimulation and under stimulation. Temporary lethargy can also be caused due to depression, jet lag or active recreation, and boredom, along with lack of sleep. There are some chemical causes of lethargy and these include poisoning or mineral or vitamin deficiencies. Even massive blood loss frequently results in lethargy and it usually originates in the reticular activating system of the lower brain.

Diseases and conditions related to Lethargy:
The temporary lethargy, which is caused due to common cold or fever, goes away with ample rest, medications and healthy eating. But chronic lethargy can be caused due to a number of other symptoms and problems. There are various methods of dealing with lethargy and these include non medical options like eating healthier food, leading an active lifestyle, interacting with friends and staying busy. The medical solutions for the disease include diagnosis of the causes and treatments for the same. But these treatments may be therapeutic in nature or may include the use of various kinds of medicines.

Having tea made with basil leaves and having grape fruit and lemon juice can cure lethargy. White sugar must be avoided and grains must be major part of the food.

These treatments are available at all regular hospitals across the country and these include AIIMS. But homemade methods along with altering personal habits are suggested as preventive and curative treatments for dealing with lethargy.

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