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What is Leucoderma?
The term leucoderma is not a medical term but it has become on of the most commonly used terms to define white or light colored skin patch. The medical term for leucoderma is vitiligo and this is known as the disease caused by destruction of cells called melanocyte in skin. In these cases there is production of the pigment melanin that is responsible for our skin color. Due to the loss of this pigment there are white patches in different parts of the body. These are also some of the most common symptoms associated with it and these can occur at any age. These white patches can be acquired or may be present at birth and they can also be acquired and congenital skin patches, which are the result of various reasons. The congenital patches are not of much importance but the acquired patches can lead to this disorder.

Symptoms of Leucoderma:
Some of the most common symptoms of Leucoderma are the loss of skin-pigment or melanin that gives rise to white patches, which are also called vitiligo. These patches are more common in women and they occur on the hands, neck, back and wrist. Usually a small white spot is seen initially on the body and this gradually develops into patches. These patches get whiter with time and they enlarge and merge together and form a broad patch.

Causes of Leucoderma:

There are various causes of leucoderma and these include excessive mental worry, ailments like typhoid, burn injuries, defective perspiration mechanism, and problems of the gastro-intestinal tract, acute or chronic gastric disorder, worms or parasites and even impaired hepatic function.

Stigma Associated with Leucoderma:
There is a lot of social stigma about the disease in the Indian subcontinent and it is wrongly assumed that these patches are infectious and that it is always hereditary and thus all members of the family would get it. However this is not true and the disease is not infectious and certainly does not affect people due to heredity reasons, but the stigma associated with the same continues to exist in spite of modern medicinal facilities.

Treatment of Leucoderma:
The treatments for leucoderma include both Ayurvedic and Homemade solutions and these include the cleansing of the internal systems from accumulated toxins.

Home Made And Ayurvedic:
The patients are also advised to drink fruit or vegetable juice for a week and they are given a different diet to ensure that they are getting adequate nourishment. These include fresh fruits, steamed vegetables and whole meal bread so that the bowels are cleansed daily and the use of warm water enema is also suggested. The seeds of Psoralea are beneficial in the treatment of Leucoderma and they can be soaked in juice of ginger for 3 days. Then they should be dried and powdered and 1 gram of the powder should be taken with fresh milk for 40 days.

The treatments for leucoderma can be availed easily at most of the hospitals like Apollo and Sri Ganga Ram hospital.

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