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What is Leucorrhoea?
The term leucorrhoea has been commonly associated with whites and this refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals. It has been seen that leucorrhoea is an abnormal condition where the reproductive organs of women produce this discharge. But if this problem is not treated properly in the initial stages then it may become chronic. Various studies have proven that secretions from the uterus and upper part of the vagina are reabsorbed, as they flow down to the lower parts of the vagina. With this constant flow within the female organs the risks of the problem getting chronic are very high. It has been seen that the condition may continue for weeks or months at a time.

Symptoms Tssociated With Leucorrhoea:
Along with the whitish discharge from the vagina there are a number of other symptoms associated with leucorrhoea and here the patient feels weak and tired. The patient also suffers from pain in the lumbar region and there is also pain in the calves along with a dragging sensation in the abdomen. Some of the regular symptoms of the disease include constipation, frequent headaches and even intense itching in the vaginal area. As the problem gets chronic the patient feels irritable and develops black patches under the eyes.

Causes of Leucorrhoea:
It has been proven that leucorrhoea does not develop suddenly in an acute form and hence treatment at initial stages is vital. The condition denotes a devitalized and toxic condition where one or many parts of the reproductive organs are loaded with toxins. This happens due to wrong dietary habits and reactions of the eliminative organs like the bowels, skin, lungs, and kidneys, when they are unable to eliminate the toxins. The body also discharges or eliminates through the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina and this happens in the form of leucorrhoea. In chronic inflammatory conditions of these organs there is also discharge with pus, which is offensive in odor and the color varies from yellow or light green.

Most of the times, leucorrhoea occurs in young girls during the few years before and after the start of the menstrual flow. This leads to genital organs having a lot of itching due to intestinal worms, dirt, soiled under garments and excessive mental stimulation of sex or masturbation.

Treatment and Cure of Leucorrhoea:
Home Made and Natural: There is a complete package for getting a cure for leucorrhoea and this consists of correct dietary habits, proper sleep, exercise and lots of sunshine. The patient is asked to fast for three or four days on lemon water or fruit juices to eliminate the harmful toxins and the consumption of Okra or Lady Fingers is suggested. The medicines for this disease vary largely and these are given considering the age of the girl also.

Some of the best treatments for this ailment can be availed at KEM Hospital and Lilavati hospital in Mumbai and Bhagirathi Neotia Center for women in Kolkata along with various other regular clinics and centers.

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