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What is Low Blood Pressure?
The term low blood pressure has been used in physiology and medicine and is also known as hypotension. This also refers to an abnormally low blood pressure and this is understood as the physiologic state of the body instead of a disease. Hypotension has been associated with shock but is not necessarily indicative of it. Low blood pressure is the opposite of hypertension, which is high blood pressure. It has been seen that low blood pressure can be life threatening in a number of cases. Basically blood pressure is the force, which is exerted due to circulation of blood on the walls of blood vessels. This also constitutes one of the principal vital signs of life and is responsible for the heart beat and rate of breathing along with the temperature. Here the blood pressure is generated as the heart pumps the blood into the arteries.

Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure:
It has been proven that if the blood pressure is not sufficient to deliver enough blood to the organs of the body then the organs fail to function properly. In such cases the organs are not able to work properly and they may also be permanently damaged. With insufficient blood flow to the brain the cells in the brain don’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Hence feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or even faint are the symptoms of low blood pressure.

The Causes of Low Blood Pressure:
Basically medications are frequent causes of low blood pressure along with dehydration. This can also be caused due to vomiting, prolonged nausea and diarrhea or even when large amounts of water are lost. Some of the other regular causes of low blood pressure include too much exercise, sweating, fever, and heat exhaustion. Cases of protracted and severe dehydration may also lead to low blood pressure, which is the result of a shock, kidney failure, confusion and other related symptoms. It has been seen that severe or moderate bleeding can quickly can lead to low blood pressure or orthostatic hypotension. Along with this severe inflammation of organs inside the body may also lead to low blood pressure.

The Treatment for Low Blood Pressure:
There are various kinds of treatments available for low blood pressure and medications are usually not given unless the damage is serious. But a doctor should evaluate the low blood pressure so that the cause for the same can be understood. There are instances when patients have a major drop in blood pressure from their usual levels due to some medications. Here the dose of medication may have to be reduced or stopped all together. Self-medication is not advised.

Eating healthy and drinking water with salt and sugar or even glucose is suggested. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten and the body should not be allowed to starve as this can make the problem worse and reduce the pressure even more.

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