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What are Piles or Hemorrhoids?
The terms hemorrhoids, emerods, or piles are used to define the swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus. It has been seen that this term actually refers to cushions of tissues that are filled with blood vessels at the intersection of the rectum and the anus. But piles also refer to varicosities of the hemorrhoid tissue and often Perianal hematoma is misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids even though it is entirely different from the same. There is increased strain on bowel movements followed by constipation or diarrhea that often leads to hemorrhoids.

Causes of Piles:
It has been seen that constipation due to water retention in women, who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome or menstruation, can be the cause of piles. Along with this hypertension and portal hypertension are major causes of piles since they connect the portal vein and the vena cava that is occurring in the rectal wall and this is also known as portocaval anastomoses. Obesity has been considered as a major cause of piles since it increases rectal vein pressure and sitting for prolonged periods can lead to piles since there is much pressure on the rectal veins. Often pregnant women suffer from piles as the bowel movements are strained in these times. Those who smoke a lot or consume excessive quantities of alcohol are also prone to piles as both these conditions lead to severe internal bleeding of veins inside rectum area. Studies reveal that both alcohol and caffeine are causes of piles as they lead to diarrhea.

Symptoms of Piles:
There are various symptoms through which piles can be diagnosed at early levels and these include anorectal problems like abscesses, fissures, fistulae, anal melanoma or irritation and itching. This irritation is also referred to as pruritus ani and it has similar symptoms like piles. Even though piles are not life threatening, it is best to not avoid or delay treatment for the same. Many people suffer from piles but don’t get any symptoms of the ailment. Common symptom of internal piles are bright red blood covering the stool or in the toilet bowl. There are also instances when these internal piles may protrude through the anus in the external part of the body, which makes it painful. Symptoms of this form of piles include swelling or a hard lump in the area along with pain and blood clots. It has also been seen that excessive straining or cleaning around the area can make the situation worse.

Treatments for Piles:
Home Remedies:

Some of the most basic treatments for piles include home made remedies that are effective and curative. These include preparing a decoction of kasayam or rice-kanji by boiling the roots, stem and leaves of touch-me-not, also known as Mimosa pudika. Mixing this in water or riee kanji and drinking it has been a beneficial treatment. There are different medical treatments available for the same and even though hospitalization is not required in most cases.

Hospitals like Apollo and other general hospitals. There are no special natural and ayurvedic treatments.

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