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What are Prostate Disorders?
There are various kinds of disorders that affect the body and prostate disorders are one of the most serious problems in this reference, which affect the males. Basically this prostrates gland lies just underneath the bladder and this gland produces fluid. In turn the prostate also makes a certain part of the fluid, which is called semen, and this is released at the climax of the sexual act. The functioning of prostate is based on hormones from the testicles and in case these male hormones are low, then the prostate shrinks. The fluids produced from glands are made in the epithelium, which are defined as the layers of special cells called epithelial cells. All glands are surrounded by the epithelium and tissue called stoma, which contains muscle fibers in the prostate and this can affect the symptoms produced by prostate disorders. Epithelium and the stoma can rise if the prostate enlarges. Also the prostate appears to be a single organ but it is actually two different parts and both are prone to different diseases.

Causes of Prostate Disorders:
The prostate consists of an inner and an outer part and both of these are made up of glands called the epithelium and it has two important surrounding muscles called sphincters. Both are responsible for controlling the bladder and preventing the leak of urine and also aid in expelling the semen at the climax of the sexual act. Also the muscle below the prostate is known as the external bladder sphincter and is vital in preventing leakage of urine from the bladder. There are various troubles caused due to prostate disorders, especially as it gets larger with age. The enlargement takes place after the age of 50 and a common problem here is obstruction. This is caused because the prostate surrounds the urethra, as the prostate grows bigger; it squeezes the urethra and restricts the opening out of the bladder and slows down the process of urination.

Symptoms of Prostate Disorders:
Some of the most common of prostate disorders are irritating symptoms like trouble in passing pass urine very often and getting caught short or leading to wetting. People with these symptoms are suffering from some sort of prostate disorder, which should be treated. Most of the times, the proceedings of this disorder are slow, and hence men don’t realize that they are suffering from a problem and may notice this at a very late age. By this time their condition becomes worse and delays in getting started, called hesitancy, may occur. Troublesome dribbling and feeling of incomplete emptying or feeling of urinating constantly can accompany this.

Treatments for Prostate Disorders:
Frequent urination, hematuria and nocturia are some of the common prostate disorders, which require treatment of antibiotics along with other muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications, management of stress, ejaculatory management, prostatic massage, dietary changes and warm baths.

Natural, Ayurvedic and Home remedies:

  • Pumpkin seeds, vitamin E and zinc can be best to treat prostrate disorders.
  • 200 ml of spinach juice with 300 ml of carrot juice must be taken daily.
  • Mango, lime, apples, pear, melon and orange are best for prostrate disorders.
  • Ayurvedic treatments may include use of varuna, usher, shilajt, kulatha and much more that effect urinary system.

Disorders for the same can be treated at NIMHANS, Bangalore, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. These have no medications at the ayurvedic or natural or home remedies.

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