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What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is defined as disease, which is chronic and a non-contagious autoimmune disease. This disease mainly affects the skin and joints and due to psoriasis one can generally experience red scaly patches to appear on the skin. The blotches and scaly patches, which are caused by psoriasis, are known as psoriatic plaques and these result in inflammation and excessive skin production. In such cases the skin rapidly accumulates at the site of the infection and then it takes a silvery white appearance. Psoriasis is more likely to be found on the extensor aspect of the joint, which is in contrast to eczema.

Is Psoriasis Reoccurring? 
Yes, Psoriasis is a disorder, which is chronic and recurring condition and it also varies in severity. Even though it may commence as a minor localized patch it can spread to the entire body also usually the fingernails and toenails are frequently affected and this is also termed as psoriatic nail dystrophy. Often this ailment has been seen as an isolated finding on the nails. Basically psoriasis leads to inflammation of the joints and this is known as psoriatic arthritis, which usually affects almost 10 to 15 per cent people with psoriasis.


Causes of Psoriasis:
Researches and studies have still not been able to understand or determine the causes of psoriasis but it has been assumed that diseases are caused due to a genetic component. There are various factors that may aggravate psoriasis and these include excess consumptions of alcohol, stress, and smoking. The major causes of this ailment also include abnormality in the mechanism of skin growth, where skin replaces itself or the abnormality with the metabolism of amino acids. There are certain medicines and infections that cause psoriasis and there are also hereditary factors that may lead to the disease.

The Symptoms of Psoriasis:
There are two main symptoms of psoriasis and these include red and irritated skin which eventually turns into bright silvery scales and the itching which is accompanied by with these red skin. Any of these two symptoms may also be caused due to regular rash or allergies but the skin would not turn silvery white in these cases and hence you can identify these symptoms easily.

Treatments for Psoriasis:
Home Remedies:

The homemade remedies for this ailment include use of cod liver oil, linseed oil, lecithin, vitamin E, and zinc to help prevent the further spread of the irritation and also to hasten the process of healing. Also the leaves of cabbage can be used for compressing the irritated areas.

  • Have bath with hot Epsom and salt.
  • Wash affected area and take cabbage leaves.
  • Apply garlic oil and aloe Vera past.
  • Sea water and mud packs are good for treating psoriasis.
  • Drink bitter guard juice with 1 teaspoon of limejuice.
  • Rub cup of olive oil with 2 drops of calendula and a drop of oregano oil.

 Santhi Psoriasis Hospital and AIIMS are some of the best hospitals for treating this problem along with home made Remedies.

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