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What is Razor Burn?
The term razor burn is used to define the irritation of the skin, which is largely caused by using a blunt blade or not using proper methods of shaving. Basically the razor burn results in a mild rash, which continues for 2-4 days after shaving and as the hair starts to grow through sealed skin, the signs and symptoms of these burns disappear. Usually the disappearance or the time taken to heal from these symptoms can take a few hours to a few days. The treatment phase depends on the severity of the burn and in many cases; these razor burn can also be accompanied by razor bumps. In razor bumps the areas around shaved hairs get raised red welts or they can also get infected pustules. During this period, the rash is caused due to shaving, which is usually done without proper lubrication. However the razor burn is a common problem and occurs commonly in men who shave coarse hairs. This can also happen to women who shave on sensitive skin like the bikini line and underarms.

Symptoms of Razor Burn:
The common symptoms of razor burn include severe burning sensation on the shaven area along with irritation or itching of the skin.

Causes of Razor Burn:
The main causes of razor burn is not shaving properly or using harsh razors on sensitive skin. The most common cause of razor burn is shaving too closely or shaving with a blunt blade. Even dry shaving and application of too much pressure when shaving results in razor burn along with quick and rough shaving or even shaving against the grain. Apart from these the excessive use of after-shaves and colognes and friction on the skin can lead to razor burns. The lack of skin lubrication and shaving in the direction opposite to hair growth can lead to this problem.

Methods to prevent Razor Burn:
There are various methods to prevent razor burns and these include trying to keep the face moist or the use of shaving brush and lather. You can also try using a moisturizing shaving gel and then shave in the direction of the hair growth. Any excess friction and urge to shave too closely can lead to this problem and thus you should apply minimal pressure when shaving. To prevent this problem from spreading further you should avoiding scratching and use an aftershave cream with Aloe Vera or other emollients.


Treatments for Razor Burns:
The best method to heal and soothe razor burn is trying to apply witch hazel, mild salicylic acid solutions or even Aloe Vera gel on the skin.

Home remedies:

  • Splashing lots of cold water on the skin are also very effective for dealing with this problem. You should also stop shaving as this is an ideal way to deal with razor burns and give the skin some rest and let your hair grow back for a while.
  • Try using a soothing after-shave balm and you can also use two uncoated and dissolved aspirins in a teaspoon of warm water and apply this paste on the skin.
  • Use of vitamin C can help reduce razor burns.

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