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What is Rheumatism?

The term Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder can be used to define some non-specific medical problems, which are known for affecting the joints and connective tissue. Various studies and researches have been conducted in this reference and the study of the therapeutic interventions, involved in these disorders is known as rheumatology.

Types of Rheumatism:
There are various kinds of rheumatic disorders that can affect you and these include Ankylosing spondylitis, pain in the back, Bursitis or Tendinitis, pain in the shoulder pain followed by pain in biceps, wrist, leg, knee, ankle, hip, etc. The ailment Achilles heels are also a part of the rheumatic disorders. Apart from this the other disorders, which form a part of rheumatic disorders include Neck pain, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Capsulitis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic fever, Rheumatic heart disease that are a long-term complication caused due to Rheumatic fever and Rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of Rheumatism:
The most common causes of rheumatism include fever, pain, intense soreness and stiffness in the body. Most of the times, the onsets of these diseases, are characterized by fever, intense soreness, and pain. In some cases the area becomes so sensitive that the patient is not able to bear the weight of bed clothing as it aggravates the pain. If not treated properly then it can lead to a chronic state and symptoms of chronic muscular rheumatism include pain and stiffness of the affected muscles. Often the chronic articular rheumatism or the pain in the joints can be multiple.


Causes of Rheumatism:
The most common symptoms of these ailments are toxic waste products in the blood which is due to excess consumption of meat, white bread, sugar along with refined cereals. These result in deposition of large residues of toxic wastes in the system and with low vitality; toxic wastes are concentrated around the joints and other bony structures.

Treatments for Rheumatism:
Some of the most common treatments include traditional herbal remedies, which have been more affective for treating rheumatism. These days both modern medicines along with conventional and complementary are used for treating these diseases. The people with rheumatic disorders need different kinds of treatment for their different causes. The basic therapy includes analgesics like paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Natural Home Remedies:

  • Have raw potato juice
  • Take the extract from celery seeds.
  • Add 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoon of honey with warm water and have twice daily.
  • Have carrot juice with lemon juice.
  • Take vitamin c, magnesium and calcium with diet.
  • Massage with arthcare oil.
  • Rhubarb herb is useful for the treatment.
  • Morpheme arthcare capsules can be used.
  • Mix 3 lemons with 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt with a pint of warm water and take 1 teaspoon in morning and night.

Some of the best treatments for this disease can be availed at PGIMER, Chandigarh, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai and the Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.

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