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What is Sexual Impotence?
The term sexual impotence has also been defined as erectile dysfunction and this is one of the most common problems, which affects most men. It has been seen that this problem affects all men at least once during their lifetime and the occurrence of erectile dysfunction varies with age. It has been seen that this ailment increases in the proportion of affected men and the largest increase is seen in men in the range of 60-69 years. Most men suffer from severe forms of erectile dysfunction, which has been largely associated to age, chronic health problems or psychological problems. It has been seen that in earlier times sexual impotence had been regarded as being caused due to psychic causes, but it has been proven that almost 90 % of all cases of erectile dysfunction have organic causes.

Symptoms of Sexual Impotence:
The only symptom of sexual impotence is the lack of sexual performance, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, or the non capability to perform sexually.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:
There are basically two kinds of causes for sexual impotency and these include physiological causes and psychological causes. The physiological causes include diabetes, peripheral vascular diseases, imbalances in the sexual hormones and also the impact of medications on the body. Also the impact of these causes can range from the easily avoidable or curable causes to very severe causes where no cure for the ailment can be found. Some of the most common causes for the problem include lack of blood supply to the penis, the side effect of medicines and drugs, hormonal disorders, disorders of the nervous system, physical damage to the penis and various other complex or multi-systemic diseases. Apart from this the psychological causes of the ailment include lack of self esteem, depression and other related problems.


Treatments for Sexual Impotence:
Basically there are two kinds of treatments for sexual impotence and these include homemade treatments and medications. The homemade treatments include options like us of garlic, which is considered as on of the most remarkable home remedies since it is natural and harmless aphrodisiac. The other treatment at home can be done through the use of onion, which is also another important aphrodisiac food and it comes second only to garlic. Both these foods increase libido and strengthens the reproductive organs.

The other treatments for this problem include the consumption of oral tablets and vasoactive drugs that are injected into the penis. Treatments for sexual impotence also include vacuum pumps and implantable penis prostheses along with use of Viagra. Basically these are some of the most common treatments available for dealing with this problem but there are cases where surgeries are required to treat the same. The best treatments for sexual impotency can be availed at the Leelavati hospital, Mumbai and AIIMS, New Delhi. You can seek help of other herbal and ayurvedic medicines for dealing with this problem since both these methods are safe and don’t have side effects too.

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