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What is SoreThroat?
The term sore throat or Pharyngitis has been defined as the inflammation of the throat or pharynx. It has been seen in most cases that sore throat is painful, and is often referred to as Pharyngitis. In most of the cases the inflammation of the tonsil or the tonsillitis occurs here along with larynx or laryngitis, which makes the problem worse. The entire ordeal can make eating difficult or painful and often results in very large tonsils that lead to trouble in swallowing and breathing. There are some severe forms of sore throats that are accompanied by a cough or fever.

Symptoms of Sore Throat:
It has been seen that some of the most common symptoms of sore throat are trouble while eating and swallowing along with pain in the area. The neck and the throat hurt internally and in most cases these are caused by viral infections. However the pain in the throat can also be due to various other reasons and hence you should always consult a professional to ensure that your problem of sore throat is not misunderstood for another throat problem.

Causes of SoreThroat:
It has been seen that some of the most common causes of sore throat include viral infections, which are the major source of this problem. The other causes of sore throat include bacterial infections, fungal infections, or irritants of the environment like pollutants or chemical substances. The pharynx in the throat is the common site of infection as the viruses and bacteria settle in this part of the body immediately. When a person inhales dust or water vapor containing the microorganisms, then the pharynx is the first part, where these particles and bacteria settle. It has been seen that the infection can also arise if an infected person touches the nose or mouth of another person. Sharing the infected object can also lead to sore throat and hence personal hygiene should be maintained.


Different Kinds of Treatments for Sore Throat:
Basically there are various kinds of treatments for sore throat and these include:-

a) Symptomatic Treatments:
In these forms of treatments analgesics and acetaminophen are used to reduce the pain associated with a sore throat. Use of steroids in a single dose reduces symptoms and this can be given by mouth or intra-muscularly to cure a sore throat. Then the use of viscous lidocaine also helps to relieve pain by numbing the mucus membranes of the throat.

b) Remedial Treatments:
In most cases remedial treatments like antibiotics are useful to treat bacterial infection that cause sore throat. But these are not affective in treating viral sore throats and hence antiviral treatments are required. Then there are alternative and home made treatments also available for treating these problems, which include use of lemon juice. It has been proven that lemon and honey taken hot at night helps to treat sore throats. Sore throats can be treated at most of the hospitals and centers across the country, with medication required in extreme cases.

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