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What are the Symptoms of Tired Eyes?
These days there has been an increasing demand of pressures at workplace along with pressure at home and hence people today frequently experience tired eyes. However the problem of tired eyes is not a very serious ailment but it should be treated on time, to avoid damages to the vision and avoiding other related problems. Remember that if the tired eyes are left untreated then they can result in blurred or double vision. It has also been seen that stressful lifestyle are one of the major causes of tired eyes and the symptoms of tired eyes include heaviness in the eyes and head. In this condition the patient suffers from puffiness around the eyes along with heaviness in the head. Some of the major causes related to it are the lack of sleep, eyestrain, fatigue, conjunctivitis, excessive crying and other related reasons. The symptoms of tired eyes include heaviness in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, redness of the eyes, burning sensation, sore eyes, itchiness, watery eyes and increased sensitivity to light.

The causes of Tired Eyes:
There are various kinds of factors that cause tired eyes and these include biological and physical factors along with slight strain on the mind also. The most common causes of tired eyes are fatigue, lack of sleep, allergy, strain on the eyes, conjunctivitis, excessive crying, inadequate oxygen supply to the cornea, pollution, over use of computer or video monitor, extended reading periods, excess exposure to bright light or glare and strain on the eye due to dim light.

Remedies and Treatment for Tired Eyes:
Home Made:

There are various kinds of treatments for tired eyes available and usually the home made treatments are suffice to deal with the problem, with medication not required in most cases. You can place two spoons in the freezer and take them out when they are cold and place them on the eyes. The other suggestion here is dip cotton balls in tea water and leave them on the eye lid for a while. You can do the same with slices of potatoes and cucumber to get relief from the puffiness. Other suggestions here include washing the eyes regularly with cold water as this helps the eyes relax and also remove any kind of tiredness. You can also dip cotton balls in cold milk and place it over the eyelids. A few drops of lavender oil can be added to the solution for reducing puffiness. You can place a cold strawberry on each eye to reduce the symptoms of puffy and tired eyes. Apart from this you should implement preventive measures like avoiding strain on the eyes or giving the eyes a break from constant work. This would help to reduce the pressure on the eyes and medication can also be taken if the tired eyes are leading to blurry vision or other related symptoms. Regular washing of the eyes and avoid itching the eye or scratching the eye is essential to reduce the impact of tired eyes. 

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