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Vitamins are highly essential for the proper functioning of our body. Most of the times, Vitamins enter our body through the food we consume. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of Vitamins. Hence, it is important that our diet is comprised of fruits and veggies that help in providing you with the required levels of Vitamins. The most important thing you should know about vitamins is that they are not synthesized in the body and have to be taken as a supplement only.

When the vitamins fall below a threshold, then you will have to suffer from diseases caused due to vitamin deficiency. There are also vitamin supplements that come in the form of pills. These pills are available in the market. Vitamins are known to help in weight loss and also prevention of some dreadful diseases. They are also important for the growth of tissues and replacement of worn out tissues. Let us consider some of the important benefits of Vitamins.

  1. Vitamin A: It helps in repairing and stimulates the growth of tissues of the body.  It is very advantageous for maintaining healthy skin. It is also useful in fighting night blindness. It can reduce the risk of cancers of the mouth and lungs
  2. Vitamin B1: It is essential for digesting carbohydrates. It is very important in ensuring the normal working of our nervous system. It is nown to promote growth. Hence, it is very important for children.

  3. Vitamin B6: It helps in the breaking down amino acids. It helps in maintaining good skin. It promotes the production of antibodies that are required in combating diseases. It also helps in the maintenance of the required sodium and phosphorus balance in the body.

  4. Vitamin B12: It is very useful in preventing anaemia by increasing the RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles) count in the blood. It is aids in the digestion of fats, proteins and also carbohydrates. It also promotes growth and helps us maintain our nervous system.

  5. Vitamin C: It helps in healing wounds, scar tissues and also fractures of the bones. This vitamin is important in maintaining the strength of the bones, teeth and the gum. It helps preventing Scurvy, which is a disease. It helps in building resistance against infection. It strengthens the blood vessels. It enhances the absorption of iron. It is useful in the synthesis of a protein called collagen.

  6. Vitamin D: It is essential for the growth of teeth and bone. It also improves the utilization of calcium as well as phosphorus that are required to maintain strong bones. It stabilizes the nervous system.

One important thing that you should know about Vitamin D is that it is not present in the food you consume. It is formed in the skin in the presence of sunlight. Hence, it is important that you expose yourself for a brief period to get this vitamin developed in your body.

    Vitamin E: It can prevent aging process by repairing the aged tissues. It also helps in preventing blood clots and dissolving any, if present.
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