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Yoga has proved efficient in curing several health related problems. One can practise Yoga to regulate breathing, increase the body flexibility, regulate the heart rhythm, lose weight, get rid of asthma, etc. In fact, studies have revealed that Yoga can make you live longer. The importance of Yoga has spread far and wide. People all over the world have resorted to Yoga not just to get rid of these bodily ailments but also attain peace of mind.

Yoga for weight loss in women:
It is seen that women end up gaining a lot of weight due to several hormonal imbalances and other reasons concerned with their lifestyle. When it comes to losing weight, most of the methods would have failed you. It is time to switch over to Yoga which is the only effective method to lose weight without any side effects. In the meanwhile, you will also gain good health and healthier heart.

There are about three important Yogic postures for losing weight. They are discussed in brief in the upcoming section.

This is the most effective method to lose those extra pounds. You can perform this exercise right at home. All you need is a vertical wall to support you if you are a beginner. Initially, this may take a lot of effort and you may find it really difficult. But as time progresses, your body will gain that flexibility and you will no longer find any difficulty in performing this workout.

The goodness of this posture is that it improves your body metabolism and also burns fats at the same time. Hence, you can effectively lose weight by performing this asana.

This posture is known to generate heat in your body which in turn burns the excess fat. This also helps in detoxifying the body. Thus, it is a cleansing process for your body. This method can also handle your body’s stubborn fat that won’t go in most of the workouts. Hence, you can get a slim waist line and lose the excess abdominal fat.

This particular posture allows effective shaping of your body and makes you look more attractive and slimmer. Most of the times, other workouts do not assure you a perfect shape in the abdominal region. Hence, Ashtange posture is important to define your body line.

Power Yoga:
This term was coined by the Americans. This depicts a combination of traditional yogic practices and strength training. This not just helps in curbing your body fat but also helps your body against other deadly diseases such as diabetes mellitus and also blood pressure. You should be aware of the fact that diabetes is mainly caused due to obesity when it is not inherited.

This is probably one of the reasons why you should cut down your extra pounds to lead a healthy life free of cardiac problems and other complications.

All these postures have one thing in common. They all target the body metabolism and hence help you lose weight effectively.

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